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American Karate Academy
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Our program is a combination of different styles. Much like our country is a “melting pot” of cultures, we are a “melting pot” of styles. The kicking techniques we use are from Tang Soo Do, a Korean martial art. Our foundation in our stances and forms is from Shotokan Karate of Japan. The self-defense comes from Aikido and Hapkido. The boxing and grappling comes from Japanese and Philippine martial arts. The weapons come from Okinawa, Japan and the Philippines. We will continue to evolve by adding and removing techniques as we learn.

While our school has grown we still maintain our family atmosphere, adhere to our original commitment, and strive to provide you with one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Programs are designed to fit the family lifestyle and engage students in positive experiences related to self defense, wellness, development of fine motor skills as well as extensive individualized programming. AKA provides homeschool classes as well as virtual classes throughout the day and into the evening programming. AKA offers family and individual instruction for individuals 3 years and older. AKA has adapted programming to meet the regulation requirements of COVID with social distancing and modified instruction. Class sizes are limited due to these safety restrictions.

Business Website Address: AKA@AKA-ONLINE.COM
Business Phone Number: 301-698-5468
Business Address: 928 N East Street, Frederick Maryland
ZIP Code: 21701
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