A.D.P. inspections, Inc.

A.D.P. inspections, Inc.
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A.D.P. inspections, Inc.
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Our Mission is to provide comprehensive home inspection and environmental testing services, while educating our customers.

We have over 30 years of experience in the building and construction industry in Frederick, Montgomery County and other areas across Maryland. During the process of purchasing homes in the past, we felt that we received far less than a professional experience and the report we received did not provide any further insight into the transaction. It occurred to us that with our experience, we could prevent that from happening to other home buyers. We feel that customer awareness should be the focal point of any type of home inspection. This approach to our business helped formulate our Mission Statement as stated above. Our lead, radon and other home inspections are designed to be comprehensive and educational, not glossed over for the benefit of a quick transaction. We offer services to all areas of Maryland including Frederick and Montgomery County as well as Washington DC, northern Virgina and West Virginia. Training and continuing education are essential to providing thorough and accurate services for our customers. Whether it’s a Home Inspection in Montgomery County, radon measurement in Frederick, or lead inspection in Baltimore, we have knowledge of the latest developments in the home inspection and environmental testing industry. We obtain this by exceeding the state and professional organizational training and certification requirements, and invite you to compare our credentials with other inspection service providers. Please see our Training & Education page for details of our credentials.

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P.O. Box 610
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